• Absolutely free for private customers. Getting quotes from all categories are completely free
  • No. Stashoffer does not collect contract payments through website
  • When a quote created Stashoffer keeps the personal information safe and does not share it to anybody. When customers confirm the offer only then Stashoffer shares the personal information with the confirmed businesses with customer s consent. For more information please advise our Privacy Policy
  • Yes, you can ask for an Advisor or Estimator for your job. Advisor or Estimators are from our Member Businesses. With their knowledge and samples, they can guide you to the right path.
  • Yes, it requires a payment for Estimator or Advisor request.
  • Stashoffer reserves a dedicated private dashboard that you can create quotes rack them chat with the businesses schedule a meeting and confirm the offer. You can also check you Stashpoints at your dashboard.
  • Yes, you can cancel a quote. Quotes are not editable.
  • Yes, you can send a message ask a question or request information through Stashoffer
  • You will get max 15 offer for each quote
  • Absolutely no. there is no obligation whatsoever.
  • Yes, each of our business members are being checked manually and verify by our team before signing up
  • Yes, they a designated page for customers to review. We will try to put as much information as we can so you will know better who you are doing business with.
  • Yes, you can schedule a meeting with the businesses and then once you are completely convinced, you can easily confirm your offer through your dashboard
  • You can schedule a meeting with one or more businesses.
  • Yes, you can ask for a revision for your offer. That is possible on the business offer page
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