About Us

We think that helping our customers to find the right offers with perfect value is the most important

part of our business


✔ Made easy

Taking time off your daily life shopping around the businesses without knowing what are they capable of, Explaining your needs to each of them, Sharing your personal details with each of them, Waiting for them to get back to you


It should not be so difficult to get things done especially at this day and age. It is a competitive challenging and incredibly fast moving world out there and you don t have that much comfort to hassle and lose time. Stashoffer has made it easy.


Stashoffer is a C2B platform, i.e. it connects customers to businesses in an easy, fast and reliable way. It has now

been made possible to get offers from any business through Stashoffer.


✔ Core focus


Our core focus is our customers. We believe getting the best value for your money is the biggest profit you

earn. We work hard to protect our customers’ rights are respected, defended, and protected from all aspects.


That is the reason why Stashoffer keeps your personal information safe and will not share it without your consent. Nobody will bother you with random phone calls or random visits to your place to sell something


There is no middleman in Stashoffer; only qualified, verified businesses are dealing directly with our

customers. In any aspects Stashoffer will reduce the cost of the businesses so they can give you better price.


Using the power of reviews on our marketplace is a shield of protection on our customers. Our best hope that our customers and businesses will be inspired and encouraged and complimented with good reviews and prevent any kind of violations


✔ Experienced team


It is our experienced team’s work to simplify the process of collecting offers and closing the deals. In order to do that we need experienced, fast thinker and innovative members in our team to address the problems first and then introduce the best, fastest and easiest solution for everybody is the key to our success. This has been learned and achieved through constant, long-term monitoring of problematic areas existing in the conventional forms of purchasing services from businesses.



We hope everybody will get the best and most benefit from our work


Enjoy your Business!!!

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