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Our core team is gathered with so many business people that have years of experience in sales and marketting.

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Post Your Job in Minutes.
Save Time and Money

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Property Maintenance

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We never charge commission fees from the businesses listed on our platform so you always get the best prices. Plus, our service is 100% FREE that means no payments and no hidden fees.

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Reward Yourself with Stashpoints for Each Confirmed Offers

Reward Yourself with Stashpoints
for Each Confirmed Offers

Earn minimum $25 Stashpoints for each confirmed Offers. Spend it, Share it or Save it for Great Deals

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Not Just Construction Lower Costs Work Never Ends Marketplaces Sky is The Limit Keep Your Offers and Jobs Reserve for 36 Hours Ask any Questions Reach Customers
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Start Getting Offers

It is time to Review your Offers in your Dashboard.

Your dedicated dashboard is simplified to use and organized well to check your jobs and offers without any confusion. It is a great feeling to have multiple offers without even making a single phone call. Each of your jobs can get up to 15 offers and each offer can consist of 3 alternative offers. In case Businesses might have better products or ongoing Deals for what you are looking for.

Pre-Approve Them

The pre-approving feature will give you the flexibility to receive more information about the Offers before confirming one of them.

Now you have multiple offers on your Dashboard. Check the offers and reviews and compare them. But before making a decision you might want to talk to them or negotiate more. You can select one or multiple Offers to pre-approve and start talking to them further to clear any hesitation and negotiate more about your job without sharing your personal information.

Ask Questions

You can ask questions to the Business Members that made offers for your job through your dashboard without sharing your personal information. Asking more about the product or service or price-related questions will help you to make a better decision. it is a very beneficial step before confirming your job.

Confirm the Best one

After reviewing and comparing your offers it is time to confirm one of them that fits your requirements.

Once the offer is confirmed we will share your information with the winner Business member and they will be able to contact you. Any sort of payment should be made to the Business directly. Great job, one job is done and lots to go.

Receive Stashpoints for each confirmation

Stashpoints is the Loyalty points that you earn for each confirmed offer.

You will be rewarded at least $25 for each confirmed offer. You can always ask more Stsahpoints according to the size of your job. We will be so happy when our customers are not leaving the table empty-handed.

Spend it for your next project

Easily spend your Stashpoints for your projects.

All you have to do is to enter the amount of Stashpoitns that you would like to use when you are confirming the offer and you only pay the remaining portion of the job. We will take care of the rest.

Send it to your family

Sharing Stashpoints with your Friends or Family members is a great feeling.

They will be able to receive the funds and see it in their dashboard. It is accessible and usable immediately with no further action.

Save it for alter

Saving your Stashpoints will bring you more benefits than you think.

We will be searching for incredibly great deals for our customers to use their Stashpoints. sometimes it could be a product or service or getaway vacation. You will be able to pick whichever you need the most.

Post Your Job

It takes a few minutes to post your job and we will do all the leg work for your job.

Because we know what customers are going through when they are doing the market research. Stashoffer is offering you the best possible market research without even leaving your daily routine. You can spend more time with your loved ones or focus on your work. it is peace of mind.

No Pressure on Sales. Keep Your Personal Information Safe

No Pressure on sales.
Keep Your Personal Information Safe

Only confirmed businesses will have your personal information. We prevent any Bogus Calls or e-Mails for your comfort.

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You, No Longer, Have To Wait

Know the Market,
Know your Budget

You, no longer, have to wait for discounted deals or coupons to get the best offers. On top of having all the services for free, Stashoffer provides you cashback for each of your confirmed offer.

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Do you think you have the best deal for your job in the market?

Do you think you have the best deal for your job in the market?

Post your Job today and let us do a Proper Market Research for all your Local or Long Distance Jobs.

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