How to Prepare your Garden for Spring?


As spring approaches the sweet excitement of the garden season begins. Our lovely gardens are often left to their own devices over the winter months and are ready for a spring clean at this time of the year. If you have a garden that you spend quality time with your family and friends, it is time to start preparing your garden for spring. But, where to begin and how to prepare your garden for the enjoyable warmer months?

Start the Clean-Up Process

First and foremost, you need to get rid of the not so pretty leftovers from the winter months. Over the winter, dead leaves and stalks fallen from the trees, and residues of dead plants accumulate in your garden. You need to start by getting rid of these to have a clean slate to decorate and enjoy during spring. Get your gardening tools, clean and prepare them, and start removing the dead debris off your garden. You can also build a compost area and make use of these leftover materials in your compost.

Show Some TLC to Your Greenery

Over the winter months, your lawn goes through a tough time, can be invaded by weeds, and get some dry patches. So, this is a great time to tend your lawn and return it to a healthy state.  Remove the weeds from your lawn and the rest of the garden to allow your greenery to thrive. You can re-pot your plants, prune your flowering shrubs and trees to prepare them for the new season.

Get Rid of the Garden Pests

Even though you are on top of your general garden maintenance, pests can still be hibernating in your garden and cause damages to your plants. You can check the leaves and stems for pests and use pesticides when necessary to get rid of larvae, aphid colonies, slugs, or any other pests.

Prepare Garden for Spring

Make Use of the Rainwater and Update Your Watering System

Maintaining a garden means that you will be using a considerable amount of water which is not the best thing for your budget or the environment. Install a water butt to utilize that precious rainwater over the late winter and early spring months. You can also install smart watering systems to reduce the amount of water you use and ensure that your plants are regularly and properly watered.

Prepare Your Garden Beds, Seeds, and Bulbs

You might want to get your planters and garden beds in order in preparation for the new plants and to implement your new vision for the garden.  Repair the old garden beds and add new ones for your exciting new plants. Maybe this year you can even add a veggie garden and produce your own spring vegetables. This is a great time to add new plants to your garden. If you have eyes on a beautifully colored new rose, camellia, and hydrangea or you just want to renew your existing plants, start preparing your bulbs and seeds for the planting season.

Maintain Your Walkways, Fences, and Gates

Your fences and gates might be affected by the harsh winter weather and need some maintenance. If you want a clean look at your garden and ensure that the borders are intact, you should update and renovate your fences and gates.

Similarly, walkways bring structure and character to your garden, make it easy for you to walk around your beautiful plants, and create space for your friends and family hangouts. Repair any damaged section of your walkway or go crazy and build a brand new one for a different look.

04 Mar 2021

Published By Stashoffer

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