Innovation in Digital Communications – Stashoffers' Novel Approach in Connecting Customers to Services


Innovation in Digital Communications – Stashoffers' Novel Approach in Connecting Customers to Services

The world has had a drastic change in the year 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic having severe economic and social repercussions across the globe, profoundly affecting everyone. It has forced individuals and companies to change the way they live and conduct business. Many elements of business and life are being challenged; in some cases, the new normal that is coming about is looking very different from the old ways of working as new ways are carried over into the future. Many businesses have been forced to close down leading to disruption in the industries. The lockdown nature of the crisis has forced people to be physically separated from their friends, workplaces, and businesses, and organizations are adapting to a digital or remote way of doing business.


Reliance on digital communication and the internet has increased and companies are focusing on innovative ways to use digital media and platforms to connect to customers. They are leveraging the growth in online communication, online entertainment, and online shopping to alter people’s daily experiences in which they can get access to much-needed services. Stashoffer has introduced a novel concept to bring services and consumers together in one platform. Customers can get connected to various organizations offering the service they need through the click of a few buttons. Consumers' habits are changing. They are getting accustomed to meeting all their needs through digital technology and these habits are here to stay. Taking this into account, Stashoffer has devised a way in which consumers can get access to services from their own homes. The stash offer platform not only brings benefits to customers but is also favorable to business.



Stashoffer provides a lot of benefits to the customers. Some of these benefits are indicated below:

  • Individuals and consumers can get access to the services they need from the comfort of their homes. Through the stashoffer website, they can find plenty of offers for the services they are looking for. They can evaluate each offer, based on their needs and budget and choose the one that is in line with their requirements. They have the convenience of getting offers any day, any time for any task that they need to get done. Get offers for services such as plumbing, home renovations, professional courses, and babysitting while relaxing on your sofa, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. It can’t get easier than that.
  • On the stashoffer website, consumers can get access to many quotes from different businesses providing the service they need around them. These service providers are all qualified and trained professionals and consumers can choose the best offer based on their needs.
  • Consumers don’t need to call, visit, or drive to different business locations to get quotes for the jobs they need. Get access to all the information and quotes at one go, making it easier to make informed decisions.


Stashoffer is also contributing beneficially to Businesses.

  • Organizations and service providers can get access to many potential clients if they are registered on the stashoffer website. They can promote their services to individuals and customers without any extra marketing effort. In these unprecedented times, when connecting to one potential client may prove to be difficult, organizations can get access to a marketplace full of clients.
  • The stashoffer dashboard is like a virtual office. Professionals and service providers can keep track of all the projects that they have confirmed, completed projects, and monthly revenue all in one place. They can get access to a virtual office at no additional cost and instantly connect to available jobs and clients.
  • All businesses and organizations offering similar services are present in the online marketplace. Stashoffer is providing the opportunity for healthy competition with other businesses as all the businesses will be offering quality services to potential customers. This will ensure that top-quality service will be provided by all firms to ensure that they can gain a competitive advantage over other firms.



There are many other benefits that both organizations and consumers can avail through the Stashoffer platform. Stashoffer has provided access to a shashoffer point system, through which service providers and consumers can earn points based on the offers they make on the site. Every offer will be eligible for points under this system. There is no additional cost of making the offers. Once an individual, be it a customer or business, gets a certain number of points, they can redeem these points for various benefits. They can stand a chance to get a free vacation each year if they fulfill the certain requirements of the stashoffer point program. These stashpoints can also be shared with friends and family members. There is a lot to be won through this program and every individual using the site to give and get offers will be eligible to be part of the stashpoints program.


The future of the way business is conducted is changing and it is time to embrace this change. Consumers are learning to improvise in these challenging times, and they are adopting new habits. For example, as they cannot go to the store, the store comes to their home. Similarly, services can even come to them directly to their homes. This will form a new basis for how brands and consumers are connecting and will connect in the future. Covid-19 is teaching us a great deal about the true nature of interaction and collaboration. It is a time when people’s needs are going to be put first and technological advances are innovating the way businesses and consumers interact together. Stashoffer is a step ahead in the right direction. Their actions are governed by the philosophy, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past and present are certain to miss the future.”.

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01 Sep 2020

Published By Stashoffer

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Innovation in Digital Communications – Stashoffers' Novel Approach in Connecting Customers to Services
Innovation in Digital Communications – Stashoffers' Novel Approach in Connecting Customers to Services

The world has had a drastic change in the year 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic having severe economi..

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